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New Authentic C-Rest Neck Massage Neck and Shoulder Correction Pain Relief Pillow Release Tension Comfortable

C-Rest Neck Relief Tool

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Release Tension. Improve Posture. Release Stress.

Anybody that spends their days sitting at a desk or frequently uses a smartphone is extremely susceptible to ongoing stiffness and tension in their neck. These unnatural positions slowly deteriorate our posture, which puts unnecessary stress on our bodies.

Luckily, we have something amazing (designed by Doctor & Chiropractor) for you to release those stress. It creates ultimate relaxation in your neck and shoulder anytime anywhere. It helps you relieve stress, rest better and feel refreshed. It is an intelligent, personal massager.

Easy to use anywhere—in offices, hotels, car (obviously not while driving), public transportation, and more.

  • HUMAN CURVE DESIGN: The ergonomic equation supports the cervical spine. Rest for a few minutes in comfort and let you release stress and tension. Accurately aligning the massage position of the muscle position, when the user relaxes lying on his back, he relies on the gravity of the head to cause the effect of natural traction stretching. After accurate alignment, the user can relax and massage the muscles while twisting the neck from side to side self-head gravity massage evenly
  • Premium Material: Polyurethane 100%, high-density memory foam. It is a non-electric neck massager that affordable, portable, lightweight, non-electric and easy to use.
  • Unique Design: Fishtail shape design, very adorable. There are multiple pressing points on both sides of the fishtail. When you lie down, the pressing points will fit your head and neck points accurately, so that you can relax and feel comfortable immediately. It is a two-pronged one.
  • FAST AND CONVENIENT: use 10-20 minutes a day, gently stretch, relax and restore the neck and shoulders anywhere. No power, health and safety, you will be able to sit on the bed reading or watching TV, use your computer while working, even driving – no matter where you need to relieve pain, it is very convenient
  • APPLICABLE PEOPLE: The main reason for cervical pain is to restart sitting posture and sleeping position; watch mobile phone to see computer; exercise injury; wrong massage. This massage pillow is ideal for workers, white-collar workers, drivers, low-headed, breastfeeding mothers, students, this gravity massager to help you restore the "C" angle of the cervical spine.

Massage Method:

  1. Neck traction massage: put the product flat, after lying on the back, the neck is naturally relaxed, and the head gravity can be used for stretching massage.
  2. Neck muscle massage: the product is fixed in the correct posture, supine, shaking around the neck, can play the effect of neck muscle massage
  3. Other methods: hold the handle of the massager, placed on the thigh, shoulders and other human body curve convex parts to play a massage effect.


  • Item Type: Massage Pillow
  • Material: Polyurethane + High-Density Memory Foam
  • Function: Massage Cervical Spine, Neck, and so on.


  1. Please use it moderately. If the number of times is too high and the strength is too high, it will cause cervical muscle damage. Please use it moderately.
  2. Do not use while sleeping.

Package Includes:


  • 1 x Neck and Shoulder Massage Pillow
Life is too short to live without the C-Rest Neck Relief Tool. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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