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DD - Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt - Black - Fitness gear

TheraWaist - Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt

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Our Magnetic Heat Waist Support Belt is an easy, fast, and safe way to relieve pain in the hip and lower back. It utilizes Neodymium, a rare-earth magnet, that generates Far Infrared Heat, and has been proven by medical science!


  • Generate FIR heat through the use of Neodymium Magnet.
  • Deeply penetrates the body to improve pain healing processes!
  • Therapy forms a magnetic field that resonates with the human body.

  • Reduce pain in the hip area instantly.
  • Restricts mobilization & speeds up post-surgery recovery.
  • Stabilizes hips & muscles.
  • Improves overall posture—straightens your back.
  • Improves blood circulation, and in turn, heals damaged tissues.




  • High Elasticity Soft: The soft self-adhesive belt with high elasticity that is easy to take on and off. Wear during everyday chores and activities, and intense sports or workouts, to protect your back and feel blessedly pain-free. It can relax the muscles and reduces fatigue. have some effects on losing fat and keep slim in some way.
  • Effectively Relieve Body Pain: Adopting high technology nanomaterial and self-heating stone, which will help to improve blood circulation and promote metabolism. The front and back of the belt are embedded with magnets that produce energy in the form of a magnetic field, and tourmaline stones which generate heat when in contact with your skin. Help relieve pain associated with joint and back problems.
  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality material, which is safe and comfortable to wear.High elastic fiber cloth, Adjustable Neoprene double pull braces.fine texture, soft handle. With dual adjustable straps and strong velcro grip, your brace stays securely in place as you do the most vigorous of activities.
  • Ergonomics Design: With ergonomics design to ease pressure on the back and protect the spine and stomach. Thanks to the additional elastic straps on both sides of the belt, you will be able to adjust the compression level to make sure the brace hugs your body perfectly and you feel comfortable.
  • Widely Application: Wear the brace over a thin tank top or undershirt instead of directly on your skin. Do not wear for longer than 2 hours at a time. Suitable for people whose waist need for keeping warm/Athletes or people doing regular exercise/Student/drivers /office workers.

How to Use:

  1. Apply a small amount of water in the magnet portion of the brace.
  2. For best results, wear the brace directly on your skin.
  3. The brace will generate heat after ~15 minutes.
  4. The heat might be very intense in the first 15 minutes! It might be uncomfortable but we guarantee that it is safe and won't burn your skin.
  5. After about 15 minutes, the heat intensity lowers to a more pleasant warm sensation.
  6. The waist brace can be left on for up to 8 hours.

Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt Care:

  • Delicate cycle wash or hand wash & air-dry
  • Water temperature should not exceed 30℃ or 65 to 85F

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt



The TheraWaist - Magnetic Therapy Waist Belt was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

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